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A conflict has arisen between the United States and the Cherokee Nation that gradually lead to what is known as the ‘Trail of Tears’. The original migration of Cherokees was known as the Old Settlers, voluntarily moved to lands in Arkansas where they established their own government. However, they were again forced to move away from their homeland, following the discovery of gold on their native lands. The thirst for expansion from white settlers caused them to turn on the land’s original residents and decided the entire Cherokee Nation should be removed. The encroachment of the white settlers into the Cherokees’ homeland ultimately lead to the Trail of Tears.At first, the Cherokee was wary of white encroachment, where they then present themselves to resettle in Arkansas and established their nation. As the white settlers migrate and build in the area, it was followed by a discovery of gold in northern Georgia, which is known as the “gold fever”. The desire for wealth along with an expansion of America land caused the white to turn on the Cherokees, and ultimately decided the removal act of the entire Cherokee Nation.Next, the decision of America was unfair to many of people. As protests begin, the U.S. thought of a resolution to this problem. The Treaty of Echota was to legalize the forcible removal of the Cherokee Nation from Georgia. It stated that if the Cherokees agreed to give up their land, they will be provided with multiple benefits such as food and tools. In response, Cherokees were tempted to signed the treaty and agreed to give up their land for the promised benefits. Although for the United States side, there may have other reasonings such as “The U.S. had the privilege to take the land, ” but in truth, the land was first owned by the Cherokees and not the Americans. Therefore, it is not able to be justified. Also, people were deceived by the fact that the entire Cherokees nation in truth, actually accepted the request from the U.S. to leave in exchange for benefits. The population of the Cherokee tribe has more than a few thousands of people, which proved the fact that only a small percentage of the tribe agreed on the exchange, and the rest most likely does not. In conclusion, the Cherokee Nation was forced to move out of their homeland for multiple reasons. At most part, the Trail of Tears was caused by conflicts and opposing opinions between the two opponent sides that gradually lead to the incident.


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