The health care environment depends upon individuals who work together as teams, and those who lead those teams. Nurses with all personalities and characteristics are needed in the work environment. One of the most important qualities to have in a work team is leadership. Strong leaders pave the way for individuals with different strengths to succeed, and influence the work space to be a more positive and productive environment. The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory is a leadership style theory based on the contingency theory; there is no ideal leadership model for every situation, leadership must be adaptable to the needs of the situation. The belief that there can be no fixed leadership style that effectively manages all scenarios leads way to the theory that an ideal leader is one who is able to adjust their behavior, and management style, to the situation they are presented. Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory  2Patient Care and Patient OutcomesSituational leadership applied to the nursing field provides the opportunity for patient careto be more contingent upon the circumstance of their case. Flexible leadership, although it does not allow change in procedure, will allow a nursing staff to adjust their methods dependent upon a situation. When a leader provides an environment open to suggestion, the strengths of each individual are able to be highlighted. The situational leadership model outlines the importance of a leader who has both the ability to adjust their own behavior according to situation, but also assess the way the strengths of a team can be applied to a situation to best serve the patient and promote optimal patient care. Hersey and Blanchard used the contingency model as a basis for their leadership theory (textbook), and later on in their research they advocated for “a curvilinear relationship between maturity and relationship behavior, and between maturity and task behavior” (Hersey 1981, p. 204)


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