INTRODUCTIONWaterbornedisease isa leading killer all around the world that every year more than 3.4million peopledie asa result of water related diseases,making it the leading cause of disease and death aroundthe world (World Health Organization). Accordingto a 2013 report by consumer insight company Kantar Worldpanel,around 40 percent of Philippine households rely on water refillingstations for safe drinking water.Wateris essential for human life. It flushes out toxins, aids in digestionand is almost involved in all of our bodily processes to sustainlife.

Thebody contains an average amount of 10 gallons of water. At least 48ounces of water per day is needed to replace the water that is lostthrough urination, sweat, and breathing. If we don’t, we are likelyto become dehydrated (Murray, 2017).Nonpotable water does not meet the qualities of a safe drinking water.Taking contaminated water can lead to critical conditions such ascholera, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal and stomach illnesses.

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In developing countries, problems such as scarcity of safe drinkingwater exist.In the Philippines, a total of 8,169 acute bloody diarrhea cases werereported from January 1 to July 1, 2017 due to taking unsafe ornon-potable drinking water (Department of Health, 2017).Automatedwater refilling stations also known as “Automated Tubig Machines”are water dispensing machines that automatically dispenses an amountof water equivalent to the money inserted to the machine. Thesemachines are found in various locations within General Santos Cityand many people rely on it as their source of drinking water due toits promise of clean and safe water for drinking. Studieshave been conducted on water analysis. Aside from assessing thepotability of water from automated water refilling stations inGeneral Santos City, the study will also determine the factorsaffecting the potability of water specifically the source and itsdistance from the automated water refilling station and itscorrelation towards its potability.


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