i. the time of ripening as they can

i. Wheat needs cool and moist climate at the time of sowing and growing and a dry and warm climate at the time of ripening. The sudden rise in temperature at the time of ripening is harmful. ii. The temperature should be low (about 10°C to 15°C) at the time of sowing and at the harvesting time the temperature should be about 25 °C to 30 °C. iii. Wheat grows well in those areas, where the average annual rainfall is less than 100 cm.

In areas of very low rainfall, irrigation is necessary. Light showers during the winter season can produce a bumper harvest. iv. The isohyets of 100 cm marks the boundary between wheat growing areas on one hand and the rice growing areas on the other.

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Prolonged droughts at the time of maturity are harmful. v. There should be no frost at the flowering time and no hail storm at the time of ripening as they can cause heavy damage to the crop. vi. Wheat can be grown in a variety of soils, but the well-drained fertile silt and clayey loams are best suited for wheat cultivation. It also grows well in the black soil of the Deccan Plateau.

vii. Wheat is generally cultivated in flat and level areas, where machines can be used easily. The farming is extensive type and highly mechanized. viii. Wheat needs a growing season of about 120 days.

But in some parts new dwarf and drought-resistant varieties, can mature and be harvested in about 90 days.


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