multicellular organisms, the external stimulus triggers the cascade of
decisions about growth, survival, death, gene expression, differentiation and
other functions. There are big amount of data available in varied field of
research where the constellations of published literature specifically
correlate with the subject of important research area. A simple search for
‘Insulin Resistance’ by the end of December 2017 in PubMed, provided 87661
abstracts including 20063 hits for reviews in the area, signifying the amount
of data generated related to it. Dysregulated insulin signaling is known to
cause a cohort of systemic disorders where a plethora of research studies have
been done to elucidate the effect of various proteins/receptor including their
post-translational modifications on the outcome of insulin signaling cascade in
maintaining glucose homeostasis. Using the process diagram editor CellDesigner,
a directed network describing the differential effect of tyrosine
phosphorylation of INSR, serine/threonine phosphorylation of IRS1, PDPK1, AKT1,
GYS1, and GSK3B by various agents has been presented here. The simulation of the
pathway network incorporating insilico
knockdown recapitulates the available knowledge and provide a predictive
insight into the strategy, which could be employed to target effectors of insulin
resistance at insulin signaling level.


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