2. attributes in the applicant pool. 3. The

2. Selective hiring:Selective hiring requires several things. They are: 1. Having a large applicant pool from which to select.

2. The organisation needs to be clear about the most critical skills and attributes in the applicant pool. 3. The skills and abilities sought should be consistent with particular job requirements and the organisation’s approach to the market. 4. They screen attributes that are difficult to change through training. 3. Self-Managed Teams and Decentralisation:Teams substitute peer-based control for hierarchical control of work.

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This increases the sense to responsibility and stimulates more initiative and effort on the part of every employee. Teams permit removal of layers of hierarchy and reduce the tasks performed by administrative specialists. 4. Extensive Training:Training is an essential component of high-performance work systems because these systems rely on front-line employee skill and initiative to identify and resolve problems, to initiate changes in work methods, and to take responsibility for quality. 5. Reduced Differences in Status:Reducing the status distinctions that separate individuals and groups, causing some to feel less valued, helps make all members of an organisation feel important and committed. The organisation is able to tap ideas, skill and effort of its entire people. 6.

Sharing of Information:Even motivated and trained people cannot contribute to enhancing organisational performance if they don’t have information. The sharing of information on such things as financial performance, strategy and operational measures conveys to the employees that they are trusted. 7. Comparatively High Compensation Contingent on Organisational Performance:The organisation should pay its staff well. It should emphasise on a philosophy and culture that incorporates practice such training and delegation of responsibility. It may appear easy to create a high-performance organisation but implementation of the ideas mentioned above in a systematic, consistent fashion is tough.

The message at this century’s dawn is that management is a human art and getting more so as information technology takes over routine tasks. Progressive managers must understand that they will provide competitive advantage by tapping employees’ most essential humanity, their ability to create, judge, imagine and build relationships.


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