According way I am because I was born

 Accordingto Kornienko, O., Santos, C. E.,Martin, C. L., & Granger, K.

L. (2016),  “Duringadolescence, gender identity (GI) develops through a dialectic process ofpersonal reflection and with input from the social environment.” In otherwords, the recognition of gender identity is a result of innate, social andenvironment factors. Peers and mass media can influence an adolescent’s idea ofgender identity. Adolescents are constantly looking for acceptance from theirpeers, and want to imitate what they see in the media.  Adolescents often say things like, “I am theway I am because I was born this way.

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” environmental factors influence adolescents’gender identity because parents teach their children to behave in certain ways.As a result, children imitate and eventually embody the behavior of their parents’gender-stereotyped roles. As an adolescent matures, they reflect on theirgender identity and how they perceive themselves. In comparison to youngerchildren, adolescents voice how they cannot help what their preferences,interests, and behaviors are.


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