6. l , situated in the neighborhood of


7. 8.9. iteration.

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l=1) scout agents in the numberof nr spread randomly in search space. This operationincludes random generation of a set of different sites R = {rs s = 1,2,…

,nr } . The target function Fs l value is calculated for each site. The number n ofthe best solutions X = {X s } is chosen. A set of basic sites R l ={r l s=1,2,..

.,n }, corresponding s to the set X is formed.Random generation of the different lists E l ={Es l s=1,2,…

,nr }, having correspondingsetofsites A l ={as l s=1,2,…,nr }.

Internally stable set X s l with remainder Eos l isformed and the target function Fs l value is calculatedforeachlist Es l . A set of basic solutions X l X l with the besttarget functions Fs l and the corresponding set of the basic sites A l A l . A l = X l =n . z = 1 ( z is the sequence number of the forager-agent) are formed. F Choice with probability P a = s of the basic s F s site a l A l .

s s Probabilistic choice of the site az l , situated inthe neighborhood of the basic site as l , with thecorresponding solution X z l . If the site a l coincides with the previously chosenz site, then the transition to step 9 is performed, otherwise,proceed to step 10. The site az l is included in the set of the sites Os l chosen by the forager-agents. 10.

The calculation of the target function Fz l value forthesolution Xz l . 11. If z

size; n f is the initial number of the forager-agents; n 1is the number of the basic sites formed from the best sites 14. The best solution Xs l is chosen among X l 15. If X l isbetterthan X l 1 ,itiskept,otherwiseX l = X l 1 . 16.

If l


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