How do you and your family get around? My family uses cars. That’s how I get to and from school, and pretty much everywhere. Henry Ford created the Model T in 1908. It was an ideal and affordable car for people back then who had the money. The effects it had on consumers were overall positive but sometimes were negative.  The Model T was a great car back then because it grew to become cheaper to assemble, due to high sales. The price went from $850 in 1908 to less than $300 in 1925. These low prices allowed the Model T to account for 40% of the automobile population at the time. Over 15 million Model T’s were assembled in Detroit & Highland Park, Michigan. The car was also assembled at Ford plants in Manchester, England, and other plants throughout continental Europe.Some of the positive consequences people enjoyed about the Model T was that it made transportation much easier. People didn’t need to walk long distances or use bikes. People who had the car also didn’t have to slave horses around to get where they’re going. With the Model T, a far destination could be traveled in a straight shot, instead of having to camp out somewhere to rest yourself and the horses. It was the first car to be mass produced, and sold at such a low price at the time. The car also allowed for emergencies to be responded to much, much quicker. The Model T wasn’t just a car. It was a symbol for a new age. It was the first car to be mass produced.Some of the negative consequences people suffered from the Model T were the traffic accidents. People didn’t really have any driving experience at the time and there were very few laws stating what could and couldn’t be done on the road. The first Model T’s lacked air bags and seat belts. So when people did have accidents. They sometimes ended tragically. Another negative effect of the Model T was the pollution it caused. When Henry Ford made the Model T, he didn’t take emissions into account. This was a big problem in major cities that many people drove in and out of.Before the Model T, many people walked to their destinations, rode horseback, and vintage bikes. After the Model T people had much less to worry about. Even people who didn’t have the car could still carpool with with people who did have it. The benefits of the Model T definitely outweighed the costs of it. It allowed for things to get done faster, emergencies to be helped faster, and made life easier for the people.  


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