Independence can forget the women world leaders

Independence has brought about a virtual emancipation to at least the urban women in India.

Now they do not lag behind men in any field. Indian women have got equal rights and march shoulder to shoulder with men. There are women teachers, doc­tors, nurses, scientists, engineers, officers, sportswomen, journalists, magistrates, architects and even pilots and drivers. Who can forget the women world leaders like Mrs. India Gandhi, Mrs.

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Margaret Thatcher, Mrs. Bandaranaike, Mrs. Golda Emir, Mrs. Vijayadashmi Pundit and others? In the field of education, women out-do men. There are more women in higher educational institutions than men. Most of the top positions in all university examina­tions are bagged by women. Even in extra­curricular activities, women do not lag be­hind men.

Now Indian women are conscious of their rights. Their voice can no longer be suppressed. They raise their voice in choos­ing their life partners and in the choice of profession of their liking. They mix up with men freely and participate in poetical com­petitions, musical concerts and even ex­press abundantly their debating skills. They no longer believe in pariah or seclusion. They even learn judo and karate to nervure security.

It must, however, be admitted that some women cross the limits of decency. They wear gaudy and scanty dresses and expose their limbs. They read morbid literature and are fond of erotic songs and films. They thus misuse their liberty. At the same time, all is not rosy for all women. Most of the women in rural areas, particularly those belonging to lower castes, are illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. They have no awakening and they cannot rear up their children well.

They know nothing about family planning or dangers of population explosion. Crimes against women are also increasing, thanks to the overall rise in gonads. Although something has been done for women, much remains to be done. Let us not forget 1991 – The Year of the Girl Child.


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