2. Power: Hydroelectric power uses the energy of

2. Wind Energy:

Wind energy has a lot of power that is most often left untapped. It is a cost effective means of energy generation and is turning out to be a popular source of alternate energy. Wind turbines are now being developed at an industrial scale so that wind energy can be harnessed efficiently. Wind energy can help generate electricity and pump water.

In India, states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have installed and generated wind power.

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3. Hydroelectric Power:

Hydroelectric power uses the energy of flowing water.

Therefore, hydroelectric power has become a major source of energy for India. Only 20 per cent of the hydroelectric power capacity in India has been utilized so far. However, generating power from water is an issue of concern to environmentalists because creating dams leads to displacement of people in the surrounding areas.

4. Biomass Energy:

Biomass energy makes use of organic matter like plant and animal residue to produce energy. Fuels that depend on biomass will also create new job opportunities, modernize agriculture and secure the environment.

Agricultural crops like sugar cane, food grains, vegetables and fruits have byproducts that can easily be used to produce energy. Not only does this allow a more environment friendly disposal of wastes, but also it is productive. Therefore, this method of energy production is seriously being promoted by the government.

5. Geothermal Energy:

Geothermal energy utilizes the heat that is generated from the deep layers of the earth. This energy is tapped at the surface of the earth where the steam gushes out at great pressure. The steam is used to generate electricity. It can also be used directly to produce heat.

This is a renewable energy because underground water is replenished by rainfall every year, which changes to steam in the earth due to high temperature and pressure. Volcanoes, hot springs and geysers are reservoirs of geothermal energy.


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