5. but be reasonable with your micro world.


Check lists and criteria grid These may be some of the guidelines that will help you, almost without realizing it, to be a more enterprising person in your day to day life.ÿ       Believe in yourself. It is obvious, but it is fundamental: a person without self-confidence cannot develop as an entrepreneur.

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Every activity that must start from you begins within yourself.ÿ       Develop a critical spirit, starting with you. Apathy and conformism with oneself and with what is established are two of the main enemies of the enterprise.ÿ       Ambition targets, periodically assesses if your actions are approaching or moving away from them. Any objective that you propose and motivate enough is valid, fully valid. See them and approach them more and more.ÿ       Let your ambitions be real and logical.

It can be very grandiloquent to want to conquer the world or abolish hunger in Africa, but be reasonable with your micro world. It’s okay to have big motivations with capital letters, but also small short-term goals. They are the last ones that will make you move in the day to day and improve in a tangible way.ÿ       Develop your creative qualities.

The greatest enemy of creativity is oneself and its “certainties that it is not creative.” We can all be creative to a greater or lesser extent. ÿ       Be efficient. It is important.

We should not be a kamikaze, but we should be reasonably quick in our initiatives. Although it is true that some people, because they arrive too fast, are ahead of their time and may be incomprehensible.ÿ       Choose to be a pilot.

People can be divided into two groups: those who pilot their existence and those who are allowed to float and accompany the great mass as the wind blows. The personal and professional success of the second large group is usually very close, or is due to chance. It is important to pilot your own destiny. Make your own decisions, even if they separate you from the path of the people closest to you.ÿ       Value others in the same way you would like to be valued. “Meritocracy” is the most beneficial logical ecosystem for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

ÿ       I do not say that you forget the theory, but … For an entrepreneur, even putting the leg, the key is in practice.

In the entrepreneurial ecosystem there are people who read all the books, go to all the acts, read all the magazines and are circling the same circle over and over again. However, they give the impression that they will never do anything, or worse, that they will do it when it is too late.ÿ       Be practical. Within the analysis of the left brain should be recorded in blood and fire that our effort must always have a reward and a motive.

The entrepreneur strives and is creative, but all this must be marked by a high practicality that makes him glimpse a goal that keeps him motivated. The fastest is usually the simplest, and the simplest thing is to be practical.


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