LH (Lennox Hinds) was a lawyer in New Jersey State. LH was retained by Joanne Chesimard in a civil proceedingcase. Hinds also took part in a press conference related with Chesimard’s murder case.

During the proceedings, LH wasvery uncomfortable with the judges because they were very prejudicial. He mockedthe trial such as telling the word ‘kangaroo court’. MCEC (MiddlesexCounty Ethics Committee) acknowledged what LH told in the local newspaper. MCECwaited until the Chesimard’s murder casefinished. As soon as the Chesimard’s murder case was completed, MCECinvestigated the Hind’s comment and concluded that he violated two the Disciplinary Rules of theCode of Professional Responsibility.

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MCEC asked theanswer to LH. However, LH didn’t make an answer but filed a suit in District Court for the Districtof New Jersey. The District Court ruled in favor with MCEC.

LH appealed. theUnited States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed District Court’s decision. MCECappealed.


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