Well, the other children, help the others when

Well, that is the duty of the mother everywhere.

As far as the young ones are concerned, it is their bounden duty to listen to their parents and follow the guidelines given to them or otherwise the young ones will meet a U agric end. Like wise, we children too have certain duties and responsibilities! When in school, our duty is to maintain strict discipline, respect the teachers and the elders, love the other children, help the others when necessary and study well. There is more to it. Getting up early, brushing the teeth, studying, bathing, eating breakfast and going to school; all these can be found in the ‘Good Habits’ books.

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After reaching home, doing the home work, going to tuition if there is tuition classes or play for some time, and then resume studies once again, keep the books and note books ready for the next day’s time table, help parents or brothers and sisters as and when possible and finally go to bed. This routine continues during the college days too. Then applying for a job, preparing for the competitive examination, attend personal interviews, taking advice from elders as to how to speak and answers queries and start working.

Thus at every stage, there is a duty to perform. No one can escape from one’s duty. If a boy/ girl don’t study well, he/she fail in the examination.

If a man doesn’t discharge his duty in the office, he loses his job. This is what die great ‘Bhadvadgka’ also preaches. Duty is otherwise called Karma. So do not shy away from doing your duties. It is also said that, “Duty only frowns, when you flee from it; follow it, and it smiles upon you!” So from this day, let us all do our duty well in time.


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