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He should be a good man, kind enough to help the needy, respect the others, maintain social status, perform certain duties like taking care of near and dear, impart high moral values among the children, do something good to his country’, be a patriot and to see that his name is remembered even alter his times. This is what Seneca, a well known ancient writer of 6th century BC, had beautifully said. If Mahatma Gandhi had not fought for our independence, and instead remained as one of the ordinary lawyers, we would not have known who he was.

Similarly, many other eminent persons from different walks of lives like great world leaders, writers, scientists, inventors, discoverers and so on. Any one, who does something good for the others or to the society, will always be remembered for ever. The names of the ancient rulers and writers are still recalled. Such names will surely withstand the weather of time. This good deed can he told or disseminated through many channels, as a book or as a movie, etc. Cinema is a powerful medium.

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While entertaining the masses, it can be educative too. This was what many old movies of India had depicted. It is said that, “Good name is better than good habits!” True! A man may have clean habits, lint does it help the others in any way? But the good name refers to those who do something useful for the others.

This way his name will get carried over for many generations together. That is why this proverb stresses the importance that man does not live by bread alone. He should be an inspiration to his followers. It is not that how many years one had lived, it is how he lived, that only matters.


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