They camps which are like de-addiction centers.

They spend many hours, even days, playing such games, sacrificing food and sleep. In short, it becomes an addiction. In China, such youngsters are sent to camps which are like de-addiction centers. These youngsters are known to get violent if they are not allowed to play these games People play computer games to escape their mundane lives. Gaming allows them to live out their secret fantasies. They offer a world of excitement, challenges and non-stop action where one can indulge one’s wildest fantasies. As it is a virtual world, one can inflict harm and kill enemies knowing that it is not real and therefore harmless.

But soon one finds that it is becoming increasingly hard to tear oneself away from the game and return to the real world. Even adults get addicted and they may quit their jobs and neglect their loved ones so that they can keep on gaming with single-minded obsession. Lives have been wrecked by such addictions. The virtual world is also a place where unknown dangers lurk. Lonely women have been lured to their deaths by strangers whom they met on the net. Pedophiles on the prowl in the virtual world assume the identities of children to lure innocent children into their trap. So parents have to keep an eye on what their children are doing and who they are meeting on the net.

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Technology is only a tool. It is how we use it that matters. If we don’t use it wisely, it can even destroy us.


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