4) watch is Siri compatible. The Apple

4)  The Apple iPhone has been a phenomenalsuccess.

  Investigate the factors thathave made it so successful – from its hardware, its operating system to itsuser Interfaces. Also investigate the concept of the App Store as a way ofgetting third parties entities to write software for the iPhone platform. Doyou think that Apple will be able to stay ahead of the competition and why? Accessorise Apple provides accessorisefor all their product. The iPhone is Apple’s most popular product andaccessories are there to provide a more enhanced product.

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Some of the accessorisesapple make are; earphone/headphones, air pods, Apple watch, cases, and chargers.Earphones and headphoneare a major key to the success of apple. To most users, sound quality is a big concern.So, Apple takes initiative to deliver a range of sound accessories. Apple purchasedBeats by Dr Dre a branded audio company and developed the W1 chip. This chip givesthe headphones added functions such as auto pairing for ease of use, through Bluetooth.

Also giving the headphone 40 hours of battery life. This purchase furtherincreased Apple’s likability which also contributed to their overall success. Appledeveloped a wireless earphone accessory called the AirPods.

It turns onautomatically after being removed from the case and has a battery saving feature,that only plays audio when the earphones are in the ears and pauses when it’sout. The basic controls are controlled by Siri, for example the volume. This earphoneinvolves the apple invented W1 chip. With its slick design and charging case. //Thisearphone is one of the reasons why Apple is successful. The apple watchwas made to be an accessorise to the iPhone.

It was made to enhance the user’sinteraction with their device. The watch comes in different models and variationsto suit the needs and taste of the user. The watch has equipped with a barometricaltimeter which is used to confirm a person’s location. Also, a heart rate sensor,an ambient light sensor, which is to adjust brightness automatically, an accelerometer,gyroscope and water resistant. The Apple watch is Siri compatible. The Applewatch has accessorised of its own, these are the straps. These are customisableand come in a range of different sizes, so it’s able to fit everyone.

Also, thewatch has a couple of charging docks.Apple takes largestrides to deliver an accessory that will further enhance their product. Casesare a product that is usually overlooked but, Apple thinks of the customers andcreates products that are unique as well as beneficial for the user. Type ofcase Apple sell are storage cases, battery cases and athletic case. The storagecase provides the user with small slots and a cash pocket. This is like a walletconnected to their phones, this is done for easy access. The case has a flip designand the flipping wallet can also act as a phone stand for easy viewing.

As forthe charger case, Apple realise their shortcomings and, in an attempt to rectifythem Apple produces a case that solves the iPhone battery problem. The batterycase is a case that provides charge to the device on the move. Apple supplies acase with a slim slick design…. Lastly the athletic case is a case that is strappedto the user.

This case is for user doing activities and still wish to use theirdevice as the case is slim and lightweight. This case is also breathable andmade to fit the users arm with its lycra strap. Apple pride themselves inmaking sure their cases deliver practicality as well as providing protection tothe device.   Apple sells itsown chargers. It sells different type, such as extended length so your devicecan be charged at a longer distance from a power source. Also, a dock, this iswhere the device can be charged with minimal ease by just placing the device onthe dock. Apple distributes wireless charging pads this is a type of chargerwhere the device is placed on a pad and is being charged wirelessly with theuse of an electromagnetic fields through electromagnetic inductance.

Apple thinks ofwhat users might want and offers it to them. In the end it comes down to brandloyalty. And consumers choose to purchase these products because of its reputationas well as for being simple and easy to use. iCloudiCloud is cloud based service provide by apple thatallows for devices to be synchronised. This allows for the user’s data such asphotos, music, documents, apps and other to be updated automatically on their other apple devices.It was first released back in 2011 October.

iCloud provide services such ascloud computing and cloud storage.iCloud isn’t the first online storage Apple attempted. Before iCloud there wasMobileMe. MOBILEMEMobileMe was apaid service that Apple offered from July 2008 till the release of iCloud. The priceof MobileMe was $99 annually for a 20 GB of storage for an individual.

The priceof a family shared plain was $149. The family plan is divided up in to five,and consist of, one master account that was allocated 20 GB of storage and fourother account with 5 GB of storage each.  What is MobileMeMobileMe is aninternet service that make it possible to push user data to the cloud.  MobileMeprovides services such as Find my iPhone… this is a service offered by apple tohelp locate a user’s phone,Cloud storage …up to 20 Gb of storage    The reason whyapple is so successful is because of the change from MobileMe to iCloud.

The sameservices that where on MobileMe are still on iCloud      Cloudcomputing   ·      Cloud computing is basically the delivery of using a network of remoteservers on the internet to store, manage, and process data.  Cloudstorage  ·      ICloud offers many things. It offers storage in the form of cloudstorage. This is where the users data will be stored. This could be anythingsuch as photos, videos, documents and as well as apps. – 5 GB free iCloud storage whensigned up. Options to upgrade to 50 GB, 200 GB and 2 Tb. The last 2 all forfamily  —- – – – – – – – – – ·      Icloud drive- this is another way of storing files.

It also allow forsaved files to be shared.–Their own version of google drive·      Apple automatically back up your devices to Icloud. And it’s because ofthis you can also recover deleted files. ·      Update.

Apple give users the option, if they update something on onedevice to be updated across all devices.  // use ‘notes’ example.   iCloud works by…    EcosystemGroup of devicesconnected to the cloud is called an Ecosystem.   ·      When dealing with any electronicsdevices you’ll have heard of the term ecosystem.So, whatis the ecosystem?·      An ecosystem is a number ofdevices working together. So as we can see from the image. The phone isconnected with the laptop.

The cluster of apple device make it possible for itto be able to communicate with it as well as run applications.·      Say if you have apple TV and youwatching a video on your mac. You can use the power of the ecosystem to streamthe video on your TV, this is done with minimal effort. This is a built inoption with apple devices, it’s called handoff and I allow other devices tocontinue from one of the connected devices.·      If you are a part of theecosystem and if you change one item on any device, all devices get updated onthe fly with no action from your side.

·      Why is the ecosystem so great?–This is because it’s all synced through the iCloud.·      If you purchase an app on anyApple device, you can sync it to any other Apple device and it’s free, orre-download it without restrictions. This is also the same for media purchasedin iTunes.·      Disadvantage of the ecosystem isthat apple stops offering support for older versions of its operating systemsafter only a year or two.·      This is bad for its users. But asa company apple benefits from this as purchase the latest devices.

·      And how is it set up·      Device need to be signed into thesame iCloud account.     App Store The App storeis the market place for purchasing application on apple devices. The App storewas first released in July 2008. The App store started with 500 apps that wereall released by Apple. To this day the App store has over 2.2 million apps.

           Getting apps on the app store           Conclusion… To conclude the iPhone hasbeen a success due to many factors. This can be seen from the evolution oftheir hardware, software and accessories.The main reason for apple successwould be its ability to innovate. Apple as a company, takes strides to be abovetheir competitors.   


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