3D aspects of healthcare. Starting from critical surgeries

3D printing is an innovative method
of manufacturing which has many exciting applications in various domains one of
which is health care. For more than three decades, 3D printers have been used
by experts but it is only recently that its accessibility has increased
manifolds because of a significant drop in its price. The previously used bulky
industrial machines have been upgraded into their desktop versions using 3D
printing. It is progressively becoming affordable and is transforming the
health care industry. 3D printed items have the benefit of being customized for
each and every application. The technology is promising as it continues to
evolve every day.

3D printing finds its application in
various aspects of healthcare. Starting from critical surgeries to hairline
fractures, 3D printing can be of essential use in the healthcare sector. Using
3D printing technology, we plan to manufacture dental implants, exact anatomical
models, prosthetics, casts, Bio printed organs etc.

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In dental implants, 3D printing can
be of prime importance, not only for functional purposes but also in terms of
aesthetic beauty. 3D printed implants are used to support the jawbones or
braces used to align teeth. 3D printed casts too find its use in the dental
care industry to enhance the personal aesthetics. This eliminates the
redundancy of additional bone reductions.

In critical cases such as open heart,
spinal or neurological surgeries the surgical guides play a pivotal role in the
process. 3D printed surgical guides can be used to perform these critical
surgeries with improved precision. These surgical guides can be customized as
per the patient requirements and it acts as a stencil to make precise and
accurate cuts and incisions in the patient’s body.

The prosthetics market is growing in
India. Prosthetics used to support the life of any amputee can be manufactured
using 3D printing technology. 3D printing is gaining traction as more and more
awareness is spreading to the remote areas of the country.

Bio printing is in vogue these days
as organ transplant has become more and more common in our daily lives. Tissues
and layers of cells are being printed using the 3D printing technology. These
will reduce the cost of organ transplant by a large extent. These are printed
in extremely protected and sterile environment so as to minimize any chance of
infection in the patient’s body.

There has been a brouhaha over the
insane cost of the stents. Activists have been over this topic and have pushed
the authority to relax the prices as it is meant to serve many people over a
large cross section of society. In this very context 3D printed stents can be a
huge saviour for the patients who need the treatment but are unable to afford
it owing to high costs.

3D printed medicines is another
revolutionary idea which would increase the supply of critical medicines in the
market. There is always a dearth of the life-saving drugs in our country and it
has become more acute with the increasing population of the nation.

The potential to grow in the
healthcare sector is immense in our country. With the population growing at a
rate highest in the world, healthcare needs to be of state of the art
technology in order to come in terms with the demand and to provide the service
at an affordable price. 3D printing in India is meant to grow further in future
unleashing potentials and unlocking abilities of the disabled and
revolutionising the healthcare industry like never before.

For our business plan we are choosing
both B2B and B2C segment for our product. We would like to target the
e-commerce business model i.e. online business store. We plan to form a network
with various hospitals. The hospitals can educate the patients regarding 3D
printed products along with their options.

The printer required for such
business proposals are SLS or Jet Wax Printer. The business mission statement
will be ‘to be the top provider of state of the art 3D printed healthcare
products for Indian patients’. The business vision statement will include,  ‘improving customer’s life using the power of
3D printing’.



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