Many emitting a foul smell. Mosquitoes may breed

Many areas in Chennai where houses were built of been changed into puck houses by the Slum Clearance Board.

A Rural Housing Board may be thought of by the Government to build good houses where there are houses built of thatch. In the villages people live in small houses without ventilation. There may be many persons in a house. Some may have to sleep in the open at night. Cows in the garden may make the garden dirty.

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Cow-dung may accumulate in a corner emitting a foul smell. Mosquitoes may breed on the cows’ stagnant urine, goats and hens may share the house with human beings. There is no sense of cleanliness and hygiene in the rural side. If a Rural Housing Board with a good capital outlay is established it is one of the ways of improving the sanitary conditions of the villages. Apart from illiteracy the housing problem is one of the problems of the rural side. Each State Government may promote a Rural Housing Board. Representatives from some other Governments came to Tamil Nadu and discussed with the authorities of the Slum Clearance Board some time ago the implementation of the slum clearance scheme in their States.

The Slum Clearance Board of the Tamil Nadu Government is unique of its kind. If the Tamil Nadu Government and other State Governments Set up Rural Housing Boards it will be a good effort in the direction of improving the housing facilities for the villagers.


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