Subjects is a classroom we never graduate from!’

Subjects to learn are aplenty.

Educative, entertaining, humor, history, biographies, activities, arts, culture, drawing, computer, medicine, GK, business, and so on. Some of these do not come under school curriculum. Like wise, there is not a single subject that a book skipped. So reading is sure to enhance abundant knowledge. Similarly, sharing knowledge with the elders also serve one to a greater extent.

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The different problems faced by them, how they had tackled them, are another way of education. Hence it is said that ‘Life is a classroom we never graduate from!’ Some magazines run a special column too, inviting contributions from readers about how they were doped or how they had successfully managed a tricky situation. Reading them creates awareness and acts as an eye opener to us. Schooling is more important.

It is the foundation for our growth. There is no second opinion about it. However, mere schooling is not sufficed! The more one learns, the more he/she is respected wherever he/ she go. To cite an example, Swami Vivekananda’s speech at Chicago in USA, fetched name and fame not only to him, but to all of us and the entire nation too. These two, education and learning, are like two railway lines over which our train of life travels.

If one is not straight, it will end in disaster, toppling us. So, both are important. It is like inhaling and exhaling of breath that keeps us alive. While we give ourselves good education, let us also learn all that there is to learn and become genius.


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