An shun despon­dency and try again. He himself

An ideal teacher is not just a preacher. He himself is a living example. He first himself practices what he preaches. He be­lieves in the dictum: “A sound mind in a sound body.” So, he gets up early in the morning and has a walk.

He takes care of his health. He keeps his body and mind pure and clean. He teaches his students to have a high character.

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He himself is a man of high character. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He himself is a model of hard- work before advising the students to be industrious. An ideal teacher is a source of light in the encircling gloom. He inspires his stu­dents to rise to greater and greater heights in the attainment of knowledge. To the weak and those who have to face failure in an examination, he exhorts to shun despon­dency and try again. He himself is polite and sweet-mannered.

He does not bully the stu­dents, but persuades them to be disciplined. He tries to bring home to them that discipline is in their own interest. He discourages his students in the matter of copying. He has to be harsh rarely, but that is like a father to a child. He cannot be overawed or cowed down to accept the illegal or illogical dictates of others.

May our country have more and more ideal teachers!


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