So irrelevant under what name we worship Him.

So can there be an India just for the people of one religion? Perhaps, but it wouldn’t be the India we love and cherish.

The Godhra and Kandhamal incidents were a blot on India’s reputation. It is true that many new denomination churches, which are not approved of even by the mainstream churches, aggressively encourage conversion. But how can we forget the contributions of the churches which gave us good educational institutions and mission hospitals and indulged in selfless service towards the needy? The truly enlightened know that there is only one God, if God does exist. So it is irrelevant under what name we worship Him. Fighting in the name of religion is therefore a national waste of time and energy which can be used for good things. Instead of building more temples, churches and mosques, let us build more orphanages and hospitals for the poor.

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Let us build homes for destitute women and abandoned elders and mentally ill people where they can live with dignity. This will be the highest form of worshipping the Almighty. Love is the greatest religion in the world and when we shower our love on those who are cast out by the world, we earn a place in heaven or jannat or swarg which are all one and the same.


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