It is not only the scientific knowledge

It is not only the scientific knowledge which gives man power. We have specialists in the fields of medicine, surgery, psychology, economics, law, agriculture, religion and so on. We have to bow our heads to them with great respect and to get our needs fulfilled. Perhaps the greatest power lies in the field of spiritual power. The achievements of such personalities as Christ, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Mohammed and Nanak are still considered unparalleled. Millions of people daily bow their heads to them.

They are the saviors of mankind. It is important to see that knowledge is used only for constructive purposes and for human welfare. To make use of knowledge for narrow, selfish ends is misuse of knowl­edge. Also man has invented several horrible devices of his own destruction, including nuclear weapons. They can destroy man himself as Frankenstein’s monster destroyed his own creator. It is the indispensable duty of scientists as much as of political leaders all over the world to see that no steps are taken which endanger human existence, otherwise power obtained through knowledge will destroy the possessor.

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