Nowadays, when cross-checked with the ‘Guinness Book

Nowadays, one can get reading material on any topic. It is like a hotel that serves different dishes to different persons according to their taste. If only one develops the habit of reading, even 24 hours a day will not be sufficient! While there are so many other avenues to improve our knowledge like Internet and SMS, there is always some wrong information in these two sources. For example, die information fed in the Internet which we refer to and take them as authentic, are some times inaccurate! One can find it when cross-checked with the ‘Guinness Book of World Records.

’ In the same way, message we receive vide SMS is always found to be with spelling mistakes. If die school children get used to it, then their career will get affected. Hence, the teaching faculties never approve of SMS. The concept of reading is to gain impeccable knowledge. This is possible only when one reads books, magazines and newspapers. After passing all these stringent check only it conies out in print.

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So, the right choice for reading is only materials in print. Mark Twain had said, “The man who doesn’t read good books, has no advantage over the man, who can’t read them!”


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