There’s this story i saw on mark manson’s blog two to three days ago, written by a 16 year old girl, i dont know if its enuine of not but i find it very interesting and coolThe story was about a the CEO of an uber $2 trillion bond fund known as PIMCO, The mans name is Mohammed El-Erian.Mohammed who earn $100 million usd yearly decided to resign early january because of his 10 year old daughterA decision like this is very rare in this society of ours, we live in the world of make billions or die tryin, so his decision is very unusual.Reason Why El-rain came to this conclusion was after he had a fight with his young dauhter..Mohammd was yelling at his daughter to brush her teeth..saying “i’m your father and you will do what i say”..the young princess ran to her room and wrote down 22 important momemts of her life that her father missed because of work..things like: Birthday, performances in school, conventions and so on…el-erian thought about that and decided to put a stop to all that, by quiting his work to become a full time dadI dont Know if you know about ‘Opportunity cost’in economics…which means that essentially everything you do, no matter what it is, costs something, even if indirectly.e.g when somone wants to take you out, you see yourself giving up on all other productive thing you ought to do. the same thing happened to el-erian and his daughter, he couldnt be a full time dad and also a full time life we give kudos to men who are rich by doing exceptional things, those thngs require high opportunity cost.Now here is the point, doing great things requires great sacrifice in life, just like mohammad sacrificed his daughters happiness for riches.When we endeavor to do everything, to top off life’s agenda, to “have everything,” we’re basically endeavoring to carry on with a valueless life, an existence where everything is similarly picked up and nothing lost. When everything is essential and wanted similarly, at that point nothing is fundamental or wanted by any means. Hope you learn from my little story


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