The conference observed that many states classify tourist

The conference observed that many states classify tourist hotels or are considering doing so. Acting upon the recommendations put forward by IUOTO and the International) Chamber of Commerce, the conference advocated the standardization of methods of classification, and in particular, the subdivision of hotels into five categories, each identified by a conventional sign (stars) in conformity with sets of standards appropriate to different climatic conditions. The conference also considered the question of classifying supplementary means of accommodation such as tourist bungalows and camps.


Classification separates accommodation into different classes or categories on the basis of certain criteria, for example, by type of accommodation such as hotels, holiday camps and caravan sites. A scheme of classification seeks to present information about tourist accommodation in a form which will enable the user to find information he requires easily and quickly and to be able to compare it with similar types.

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Apart from having the information classified by location, a tourist needs to know the availability of accommodation which meets his requirements as to type, price and other criteria.


The aim of registration is to provide a complete list of register of tourist accommodation within a particular definition. A registration scheme results in an inventory of accommodation which can be kept up to date. In order to be comprehensive, it normally has to have statutory legal authority and is administered by a government authority or a statutory body.

Because of the wide range of accommodation used by the tourists, a scheme of registration should normally cover all forms of accommodation used by them.


Grading separates accommodation into different categories or grades on the basis of judgments on the amenities and facilities of a particular accommodation unit in a form which enables the user to choose the quality of accommodation he requires. This may refer to the physical facilities, food and other services of the establishment, various amenities provided, etc. The establishments are graded individually or collectively by way of giving them numbers, letters or symbols. The schemes of classification, registration and grading in operation differ in various countries. Some countries incorporate only registration, some others classification and some grading.

The standards adopted also differ from country to country.


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