2. ____________ (Place Name), on the occasion and

2. Letter of Thanks for Congratulations and Greetings for a festival

From(Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address) Dear (Name), Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your so lovely note of congratulations and good wishes on the occasion of ____________ (Festival Name). My wife joins me in reciprocating your warm greetings and felicitations. I hope, you all must have enjoyed the ____________ (Festival Name) with cakes and lighting of lanterns at your home in ____________ (Place Name).

However, we visited the ____________ (Garden Name) at ____________ (Place Name), on the occasion and were delighted so much with the bright spectacle of lighted lanterns of various sizes and shapes. The children enjoyed it the most. I told them the story of beautiful Changer, who floated to the moon by drinking an elixir to save the country from the tyranny of her husband, the king. For a very long time you have not paid us a visit. Generally you come to ____________ (Place Name) in connection with your business. Please do come when you are in ____________ (Place Name) next time. We look forward to your early visit.

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Thank you once again for your warm note of congratulations and good wishes. Yours ever truly,(Your Name)

3. Thanks for festival greetings:

From(Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address) Dear (Name), Thank you for your ____________ (Festival greetings) and best wishes which I heartily reciprocate. I too wish that the festival mark the beginning of a great year ahead. Sincerely,(Your Name)

Sample Sentences

Start with Appreciation


You are one who never forgets to wish me be it any occasion. How earring! 2. Your greeting was vibrant with your warmth and love. 3.

Your greetings and wishes added to the colors of festivities. 4. The loving and lovely greetings added glow to my joy. 5. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

6. I am sincerely gratified. 7. Thank you ever so much for your thoughtfulness. 8. Thank you for adding on to our sweet memories.

Reciprocate the Wishes

9. I, once again, wish you all the joy.

10. I acknowledge all your wishes and reciprocate the same to you and yours.


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