3. drums that a garage door can have:

3. RepairsColumbus Garage Door Opener Service has been serving the Columbus area with some of the finest garage door products backing it all up with quality and professional repairs. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and friendly from our office personal all the way to our technicians. If you want your garage door to stay operating at maximum potential then call us for all your repairs.What We Can RepairMaking the certain repairs that are needed is important to the life of your garage door. Sometimes people well leave parts damaged because not having time to get them fixed or money might be a little tight and can’t cover the costs. This we understand but the only bad part is that can cause more issues in the long run. Instead of one part being broken, several will become damaged.

Good news is we’re able to repair most parts on a garage door. Here are some of the parts we can fix:OpenerOne of the most important parts to a garage door is the opener. If your door isn’t opening or closing, then maybe your opener has a problem with it. The opener is made up with several components inside it like the transmitter, dip switch, receiver and the capacitor. If any of these tend to malfunction then your opener will not work.DrumsIf you wonder why your garage door stays balanced it’s because of the DRUMS.

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With all the weight and pressure put on them, they will wear down quickly than most parts. There are three kinds of drums that a garage door can have: standard-lift which is flat for the most part with grooves to keep the door balanced.Vertical-lift which is taller than the standard-lift. So when the garage door is opened the cable is wrapped up in the drum and when it closes the cable is the furthest from the shaft.High-lift drum has similarities to both standard and vertical lift drum.

One side is flat while the other raised like the vertical. When the garage door opens vertically the cable will run on the raised portion of the drums then switch to the flat side once it closes.TracksOver years of constantly going up and down or opened halfway your tracks will tend to warp and bend. A technician will need to come by and properly align them. The tracks is what helps guide the door when its operating.GatesWe also able to repair gates.

Gates provide your property with a little extra security and sometimes they tend to not cooperate with you. This is usually caused by the opener and the gate itself not being synced. Or maybe the keypads batteries have gone bad. Our technicians are trained to fix any kinds and will get your gate working again.There are many other parts to a garage door that can be repaired but these play important roles to the operation of a garage door. Our technicians are able to repair them all if they are repairable.

They will talk to you about those options once Thames have determined the problem with your door.How To HelpSay your garage door just stopped working out of nowhere. There are a few simple steps you can take that could help determine the cause. Take a look at these below to help you if this ever happens:You have an EMERGENCY CABLE Incase your door doesn’t work. If you pull on it your garage door should open. If it doesn’t then your cable might be damaged and will need to be replaced.

Take a look at your DRUMS and if you see any chipped pieces or a lot of corrosion. This may be the reasoning to your door not working.Also look at your TRACKS and if there is any sign of them being bent or broken.

You should get those fixed right away.Walk to where your SENSORS are located and make sure nothing is in the way of them. If there is then your door will not function.These are just a few quick and easy ones to do yourself but if the problem isn’t figured out by checking on those then a professional will need to come by for further investigation. No matter what they will figure out what the problem is and talk to you about fixing or replacing it.Replacements There will be those times that a part can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Replacing your old parts is easy but replacing them with quality materials and parts that will last is even better. We don’t want your garage to keep breaking down on you. So we built relationships with many manufacturers that supply us with their products.All of our replacements are performed in a safe manner and done thoroughly.

We’re able to work on residential and commercial. So if any of your properties need garage door replacements give us a ring and we’ll be there.What We OfferYou want a team that you can trust. A company that won’t let you down and will perform in a safe and quick manner. Building trust with our customers is a big priority.

We want them to call us once a garage door problem has come up. So we offer all of our customer these things:Great pricesKnowledgeable and skilled teamAlways professional Done in a timely manner24/7 servicesAnd more…

We’re more than just your ordinary garage door company, we’re a family that enjoys making friendships and meeting new people. What we bring to the table is more than what most do by offering quality service and products. Our Deals We OfferThe community we serve deserves great deals seeing how they have stood behind us all this time. So every week we offer different deals on certain services and parts. Still curious? Call us and ask our phone operator about if the service you need qualifies for that deal.

If it doesn’t this week, doesn’t mean it won’t the next.24/7If there’s an emergency or not we’re available to you 24/7. Making sure that your garage door doesn’t ever go unnoticed we’ll come out to you in the middle of the night and repair any problem you might have. If the part needs to be replaced and we don’t have it in stock, we’ll place an order right away and once it arrives we’ll then install it. You shouldn’t go any longer with a broken garage door and that’s why we offer this service to you.Call Us For Your Garage RepairsColumbus Garage Door Opener Service is prepared to take on any and all garage door repairs in the city.

No garage door will be left behind when you give us a call. We build our relationships by trying to connect with the individuals and understand exactly what they need. All of our technicians are very thorough and have an eye for detail when it comes to their job. Your garage is safe with us so contact one of our customer service representatives to get an appointment set up. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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