The on a continuous routine basis. Some areas

The energy conservation measures can be categorized as follows: (1) Equipment improvements (2) Operational improvements (3) Modernization (1) Equipment Improvements:This category of measures may give quite high return with marginal investment The following areas may be recognized easily: (A) Insulation of cold blast main (B) Minimizing leakages of hot blast (C) Improvement in combustion systems (D) Insulation of furnaces by ceramic fiber may reduce the heat loss to an extent of 5-7%.

(E) Modification of water cooled spied in the reheating furnaces. (2) Operational Improvements:This category does not require any capital investment that has to be followed on a continuous routine basis. Some areas of improving operational aspects are: (a) To minimize leakage of oil, air, steam, etc.

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(b) To analyze fuel gases regularly (c) To maintain proper quality and size of input raw materials (3) Modernization:A huge amount of investment is required for this purpose. Leisure is an essential requirement for efficient plant and failure to modernize the plant at the right time leads to steep deterioration in the plant output.


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