Microeconomics Food industry: The new research found that

MicroeconomicsName: YAO CHEN TAOSIM ID:10183160EMAIL: [email protected]

sg  Contents Introduction 3 Analysis 1 4 Scarcity & Choice 4 Analysis 2   Demand and Supply Analysis 3 Market Equilibrium Analysis 4 Elasticity Analysis 5 Budget Line &Utility Conclusion Reference   IntroductionI have found out five news articles in different themes. They are from food industry, transportation industry, fashion industry, technological product industry and Electronics goods industry. In this report, I will use scarcity and choice to analyse the food industry and fashion industry and how they affect Production Possibility Frontier. Next, I will analyse on the Demand and Supply and Market Equilibrium of the Electronics goods industry and food industry. Then, follow by Elasticity of demand and supply of technological product industry and Electronics goods industry.

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Finally, the Marginal Utility per Dollar spent on fashion industry and transportation industry.1.    Food industry: The new research found that New Zealand’s soft drinks have more sugar than other western countries. A lot of doctors and New Zealand Dental Association have already called for the action to have regulations like sugar taxes to reduce the sugar content in page.

2.     Transportation industry: Ford’s chairman said China will be the leader of selling and using electronic cars in the future. Not only Ford, general motors like Volkswagen, Daimler and other automakers will also compete in Chinese market in the future.3.

    Luxury industry: Most people buy the luxuries are Chinese students and tourists. It promotes greatly the luxury market. This industry has invigorated by a cash injection from them.

Chinese push the market to a higher level.4.    Technological product industry: 5.



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