The snagging process involves the
ability to record and document the procedures performed and how they are
accomplished through self-checking that they are completed successfully and
correctly. A successful snagging process leads to better customer service and improved
performance. Within the construction industry, quality, good working practices and customer service have become
more dominant (Xiao & Proverbs, 2002).


2.3.4 Is there a problem with quality?

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An independent snagging inspection organisation
collected field data from snagging surveys of over 600 UK residential
properties recording the severity and amount of construction snags. The surveys
were completed under instruction from the homebuyer. The study demonstrated
that defects increased to extraordinarily high levels as the amount of bedrooms
in the property increased (see graph 1). 
For example, for a five bedroom house already inspected by the builder an
astounding 406 snags were found in 2003. 
On average, customers were unaware of poor workmanship in their homes as
they only identified between 20-30 defects on average.  The majority of homeowners had purchased
properties with a promise of remedial work to follow, although unfortunately
most developers were not so keen to fulfil such promises due to expense. This
study highlights the production of substandard properties demonstrating either
inexperience or a lack of knowledge with regards to snagging or a poor attitude
towards quality on behalf of the contractor (
Sommerville, et al., 2004). However, current
data collection is required in this field as these figures were from 2003. In
1982, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) conducted a survey investigating
quality problems within traditional housing. The investigation highlighted
nearly half of all the defects were caused by the lack of skill or lack of care
by sub-contractors. The report identified that the cost of prevention was
minimal and a need for operatives to carry out the 


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