Thank to acknowledge your congratulations on my promotion.

Thank you once again, Sincerely Yours,(Your Name)

2. Thanks for congratulations on marriage:

From(Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address) My dear (Name), Thanks for your letter of congratulations on my marriage. I knew it was coming. Both my wife and I deeply appreciate your nice gesture on this occasion. I am sure your good wishes will bring us all happiness. ____________ (Name) could hardly get to know you on the day of marriage.

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Please do visit one of these days. With best wishes, Sincerely,(Your Name)

Sample Sentences

A. Express thanks for good wishes: 1. Many many thanks for your letter of congratulations on my wedding. 2. A basketful of thanks to you for your birthday greetings. 3. We are both happy and thankful for your warm ____________ (Festival Name) greetings.

4. Really I am grateful for your season’s greetings and good wishes. 5.

Your ____________ (Festival Name) greetings have certainly increased our happiness and gaiety in no small measure. 6. Wishing you the same I thank you for your New Year greetings. 7. I am thankful for your congratulations on my success in the examination. 8.

Your warm ____________ (Festival Name) greetings and good wishes made me overjoyed. I don’t know how to thank you adequately for it. 9. I am overjoyed to acknowledge your congratulations on my promotion. My wife joins me in thanking you heartily.

10. Thank you so much for your blessings and congratulations on my selection in I.A.S.

I want your good wishes, not only now but on all other such happy occasions to come. B. Convey Gratitude: 1. I feel grateful and appreciate your good wishes for my brilliant career.

2. Your greetings and good wishes will certainly go long way in making my life really a happy one. 3. With your good wishes we look forward to a long and happy married life. 4. Your blessings will surely show me the way to success and happiness.

5. It is so kind and nice of you to think so high of ____________ (Wife Name) my wife. She is indeed so.

6. I am deeply touched by your sincere wishes for my bright future. 7. Your greetings and good wishes make my heart swell with happiness and I feel greatly thankful to you for this. 8. In fact I feel very much obliged and thankful for good wishes and blessings. 9.

Believe me; I am really grateful for your letter of congratulations and good wishes. 10. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to me and for your good wishes. C.

Cordiacon Loss with reiterating thanks: 1. Your letter of congratulations gave me a great deal of pleasure. Thanks for the same once again.

2. I highly appreciate your kind and encouraging words and thank you once again. 3.

Many thanks once again for remembering us on our marriage anniversary. 4. How kind of you to remember me on my birthday! Thank you very much for this. 5. I received greetings and good wishes from some of my bosom friends, and you are one of them. Really I am thankful to all of you. 6.

Thanks for congratulations. It was very nice of you to write me as you did on this happy occasion. 7. It was a mighty fine letter of good wishes and greetings that you sent me. A cart load of thanks for this.

8. Thank you so much once again for your favour and congratulations. It is because of your generous spirit and blessings that I have been promoted to this high position. 9. Thank you so much once again for the New Year Card. Only you could have made such a nice selection. With best wishes. 10.

But for your guidance and help I would not have been promoted. Thank you so much once again for all this and your loving letter of congratulations.


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