2 Sample Reply Letters for Sympathy

I deeply appreciate your concern for which I thank you again.

Sincerely yours,
(Your Name)

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2. Letter of Thanks for Sympathy




Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your letter of sympathy during my serious illness and hospitalization. Your letter full of sympathy and concern had been a source of great solace during the days of despair and gloom of illness. Besides, the bouquet of flowers you sent by your servant was really a wonderful gesture. I feel very much obliged to you for your kind thought that inspired you to send the flowers, so sweet, fresh and colorful that they helped me to forget my pain and suffering to a great extent.

It is because of good wishes and prayers of friends like you that I am- now quite well and can walk without any help. It is my second birth. At one stage the doctors had given up and I was as good as dead, but God and blessings of people like you saved me.

I shall ever remember your kind sympathy and concern for me and my family.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Sample Sentences

A. Start by expressing thanks:

1. Thank you so much for your letter full of sympathy and solace at this tragic turn in my life.

2. I cannot express how much your letter has meant to me at my mother’s death.

3. Your letter of condolences and sympathy has comforted me so much in my grief.

4. I was touched so much by your letter full of comfort and sympathy.

5. Your loving letter of sympathy on this tragic occasion has been a great source of strength and courage.

6. Your condolences have been a big source of fortitude at this critical turn of my life.

7. I want to thank you and to express how much your letter of sympathy has comforted me in my sorrow.

8. Thanks for your kind expression of sympathy in my sorrow.

9. Thank you for your letter of sympathy you sent on hearing about my son’s death.

10. Thank you from the core of my heart for your kind letter of sympathy and your help in these trying days.

11. It was very thoughtful of you to send me such a letter full of sympathy and condolences.

12. Thank you for your kind offer to help at this tragic occasion in my life.

13. We thank you for your sincere sympathy in our bereavement.

B. Feel obliged for sympathy and solace:

1. How lonely and sad I was feeling but your comforting lines have helped me to a great extent in overcoming in my grief.

2. Only a friend like you could stand by me in this hour of tragedy and crisis.

3. None but you would have written such touching and comforting lines.

4. Who knows better than you what mother meant to all of us!

5. Your sympathy, kindness and help will always be remembered.

6. My gratitude is due to you who knew and loved my father so well.

7. The condolences of friends like you have helped to ease the sad situation and loneliness and I do appreciate it.

8. It is great consolation that I have so many friends like you who share my grief.

9. The knowledge that there are sincere friends like you gives me strength to bear the tragic loss.

10. I very much appreciate your gesture of help at this crucial juncture.

11. Your message of sympathy in the recent calamity has been so consoling.

C. Close in this manner:

1. I may be excused for such an inadequate letter of thanks.

2. I really feel very thankful once again for your letter heartfelt sympathy and help.

3. Had it not been you and your sympathy in my personal sorrow, I would have lost my mental balance.

4. I very much appreciate your kind gesture of help and thank you once again from the core of my heart.

5. I appreciate your sympathy and help more than I can say.

6. My gratitude goes to all my friends who join me in my grief.

7. We all appreciate your thoughtfulness and thank you once again.

8. We shall never forget your sympathy and kindness shown by you in our hour of darkness.

9. Thank you without end once again for your sincere sympathy and condolence s.

10. In the end I want to thank you once more for your kindness and help on this; sad occasion.

11. I cannot tell you how much your letter of sympathy and your help have been a pillar of strength in my hour of trial and tribulation.

12. But for your assistance this shock would have been unbearable.


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