____________ make any room beautiful, and I am

____________ (Name) and I just can’t thank you enough for sending that lovely lamp with the Chinese pattern. It’s enough to make any room beautiful, and I am pleased as punch that it’s going to be in my home. Thanks again for your most wonderful gift. Cordially,(Your Name)

2. Letter of Thanks to a Friend for a gift on Marriage

From(Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address) Dear (Name), Thank you so much for the truly splendid marriage gift of a set of silver table-spoons.

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These are really very attractive and irresistible. My wife is no less excited with them than I am. They would always remind us of your love, friendship and warmth at every dinner. However, we have decided that you, my dear friend, would be our first dinner guest so that you can see for yourself how gracious they look on our table. Please let us know immediately when it would be convenient for you to come for a dinner. We missed you so much in the marriage party and ceremony, but then you had an urgent work in ____________ (Place Name) and so were not here on the occasion.

I would have very much liked to have an opportunity to thank you personally, but still I am very very busy. However, we look forward to your early visit so that we may have the pleasure to entertain you at dinner. Thanks once again for the fantastic marriage-gift and the consideration that inspired it. Yours sincerely,(Your Name)


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