How when I needed it urgently. This

How kind of you to respond so promptly to my request for urgent help of money. I am really very thankful and grateful for this timely help. I received the Bank Draft day before yesterday when I needed it urgently. This helped me immensely in overcoming my financial crisis, though a temporary one.

Dear ____________ (Name), rest assured, I shall do my best to repay this loan at the earliest. Moreover, I shall think myself fortunate if I could do something to return this kindness and help. Once again I thank you from the core of my heart for your favour and help. With best wishes and regards to your parents. Yours sincerely,(Your Name)

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Thanking for Financial Help

From(Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address) My dear (Name), I am thankful to you for the loan you gave me last year. It is nearly one year and you have never reminded me or asked me to return it. Frankly, ____________ (Name), it is very difficult to have friends like you these days. You will be glad to know that my business is now well established and I am earning about ____________ (Amount) a month.

I am sending a cheque for ____________ (Amount) an amount which I owe you since long. Thanking you once again and with best wishes, Yours sincerely,(Your Name)


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