2.2.9 North-East corner of the building. The street

2.2.9  The Church of Light:”The creation of space in architecture is simply the condensation and purification of the power of light”-Tadao AndoAndo expresses in all of his works light is a significant and controlling factor.The Church of light is one of the signature works of Ar. Tadao Ando.

It is located in a small town of Ibaraki, just 20 km outside of the city Osaka. The Crucifix shaped opening in the side of the building is the main light source of the interior of the chapel.  The access to the church is intentionally kept indirect, which forces the worshipers to enter the site from the North-East corner of the building.

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  The street near forecourt, which leads around a corner of the church to minister’s house. The entrance path to the chapel is manipulated by intersection of two concrete walls, which forces the visitors to take a step to the left before entering the main space. The route turns and skips forward in the combined  S movement that takes the visitor through an opening to the long wall of the church and leads on to a second high doorway in the angled blade wall. The visitor pivots around the diagonal slice and mall and is put the clear line with the crucifix of light at the opposite end of the room. Then, one able to look at an unexpected impact of the crucifix of light illuminating the surrounding darkness at the opposite end of the church.

Once side eye takes time to adjust to the gloom beside the cross punched out of the front of the wall. and soul can be united by the light through the cross. The light with high intensity coming from the crucifix into darker volume created due to narrow volume. This represents the idea of the integration of the two opposites, abstraction, and representation.

The church shows a great contrast between solid and void, light and dark, dark and peaceful, which makes the architecture of duality. The result is a very peaceful. Pure solid space without any ornamentation within themselves through being aware of how the material in nature plays a big role under brought in the challenge of bringing in nature should connect with each other within the enclosed internal environment of the church.This needs tension in between man and nature, which is expressive with the nothingness of the internal space of the church, In order to achieve through the dramatical encounter amongst architecture and nature.


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