2.1. (or Transition), Freeze (or Refreeze). The first


1. Basic Concepts 2.1.1. DEFINITION A Strategic management is a dynamic process of aligning strategies, performance andbusiness results. Effective combination of people, leadership, technology and processes alongwith strategy and successful delivery makes a change successful. To survive and grow theorganization must define and grow internal competencies, develop and maintain some rules andtheories to create the future. The organization must grow along with the changes or fall withoutadapting.

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The concept of strategic fit – how well the organization should be measured to meetthe requirements of the strategic change. This context has both external dimensions (political,socio-economic, technological, cultural and competitive) and internal dynamics (organizationalstructure, skills resources, systems and culture). Strategy gradually became how well anorganization could anticipate and react to change in its operating environment.

2.1.2. DEFINITION B Strategic change is defined as “changes in the content of a firm’s strategy as defined byits scope, resource deployments, competitive advantages, and synergy” Hofer and Schendel1978. In simple form strategic change is a way of changing the objectives and vision of thecompany to obtain greater success. It does not depend on the greatness of the strategy or howuseful the change may be for the organization, if you cannot make them understand to thepeople it’s worthless. A strategic change must be good consideration about contextcompatibility between the change and organization. It is obvious that changing something thatpeople used to do it for a long time is not easy.

2.2. Literature Review 2.2.1. Kurt Lewin’s Three Step Planned Change Model Kurt Lewin proposed a three-stage theory of change commonly referred to as Unfreeze,Change (or Transition), Freeze (or Refreeze). The first step being the unfreezing step includedetermining what needs to change, create the need for change and getting ready to change.Lewin was aware that change is a step by step process.

This second stage is where we make thechanges that are needed. This stage is often the difficult as people are not aware whether thechange is going to be a success or a failure. The final of the three crucial steps is the re-freezingstep. Re-freezing suggests this stage is about implementing stability after the changes have beendone. Time plays a major role in implementing a change. This rigidity of strategic change does 


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