Introduction:Libraries down inthe status of Women in India

Introduction:Libraries are associated with access to information. Public, like any other categories have aright of access to information. In developing countries there exists a gap between men andwomen. Particularly in rural areas, girls and women are often determinate to their successiveroles and do not have the equality to boys for education. As many studies it is shown thatwhen women have access to educational resources, their families and communities’ benefit.More and more information is going in the environment.

In Library women and girls haveequal, safe, and reliable access to information or any other sources of information. Withoutaccess to Libraries, and technology training, girls and women do not have any decisions intheir life and they lost many opportunities for social and economic leadership.However, women remain at a disadvantage.

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They lack the confidence to look for informationwhich could make them live better and hopeful. Given that background, the study set out toexplore the role that libraries play in women empowerment.2. Review Of Literature:Women enjoyed equal status with men in early Vedic period. There are many up and down inthe status of Women in India from past to present days.

Some of women sages and seersnotably Gargi & Maitrey are mention in Rigved and Upnishads. However, approximatelyfrom 500 B.C., the status of women began to come off.

In the Mughals periods and after thatin the time of European aggressor the situation of women is more harmful. Some reparativemovements did give some relief to the women by Guru Nanak, Jainism, Rajarammohan Rai,IshwarchandraVidya Sagar, Pandita Rama Bai and others. Britishers play important roles for improving thesituation of women. Some laws were compiled by the British such as “Abolition of practiceof Sati”, “Widow Remarriage Act” 1856 etc. After independence, Indian constitution givesthe equality to women (Article 14). Another articles that ensure women’s rights e.g.

nodiscrimination by the state article15(1) equality of opportunity (Article16) etc. Feministactivism picked up momentum in India during later 1970’s. At present many groups andNGO’s have been working for the Empowerment of women.

In India women got voting rightmuch before USA and some other European countries, we are proud that.


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