(b) cells, public servants Committee responsible for implementing

(b) Set up vigilance and monitoring committee to suggest effective measures to implement the provision of the Act. (c) Encourage non-governmental organization for establishing and maintaining awareness centre and organizing workshop and provides them financial assistance and many other assistance. (d) With view to ensure the safety of person and property, if deem necessary, provide arms licences to the members of SC’s and ST’s. (e) Identify the area where it has reasons to believe the atrocity may take place or there is an apprehension of re-occurrence of an offence under the act.

(g) Order District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police to visit the identified area and review the law and order situation. (h) Set up awareness centre and organizes workshop in areas to educate and to aware the people belonging to SC’s and ST’s about protection of their rights and importance of rights and duties. (i) The law and order, functioning of committee, role of investigating officer, public prosecutor for implementing the provision of the act. (j) The state government shall nominate a nodal officer of level of Secretary to Government belonging to SC’s and ST’s for coordinating the functioning of District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police. This nodal officer shall review law and order situation, adequacy of immediate facilities like food, clothing, shelter, legal aid, transport facilities, travelling allowances, daily allowance to victims of atrocity, various kind of measures adopted for providing immediate relief in cash to victim of atrocity, role of NGO’s, SC’s and ST’s protection cells, public servants Committee responsible for implementing of provision of the act. (k) Travelling allowance, daily allowances, maintenance of expenses, transport facilities and other allowance to the victim of atrocity.

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Under section 3 of the Act, the District Magistrate shall reimburse the payment of medicines, clothing, food, blood transfusion to the victims of atrocity. (l) The important role played by investigating officer and special officer. The investigating officer shall be appointed by State Government, Superintendent of Police, and Director General of Police. The investigation officer shall be complete his investigation within 30 days and submit report to Superintendent of Police then he forward the report to Director General of Police of the state government.

The Director of prosecution, Home Secretary, Social Secretary to that state, Director General shall review district court of Session to special court to try an offence under this act. The special court has another important role in specify public prosecutor to conduct case in that court and work as an advocate for the term not less than 7 years.


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