ii. xii. The large scale deforestation is

ii. Several species of trees are found in mixed form. Thus, the exploitation of a particular variety is difficult. iii. About 40 per cent of the forested areas in the hills is accessible due to poor means of transport and communication. iv. About half of the tribals living in forested areas have rights for free grazing of cattle and removing timber, fuel wood and minor products.

v. The techniques of lumbering and sawing are obsolete. This encourages wastage and low productivity. vi. There are limited commercial forests and most of them are meant for protective purposes. vii. The demand for forest products is limited due to low standard of living.

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Hence, low incentives. viii. Most of the trees in India are slow growing and give poor yields in comparison to many developed countries. ix. There is reckless cutting of forests due to pressure of population growth. Thus, many species are at the verge of extinction. x.

There is inadequate protection against forest fires, plant diseases and attack by insects and pests. xi Fast depletion of forest cover, as India is losing about 12 lac hectares of forest cover every year. xii. The large scale deforestation is due to overgrazing, shifting cultivation, increasing need for agricultural land, construction and commercial activities.


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