The public domain by handling some relevant issues

 The ethical research are critical human subjects in defining thenorm and standards which differentiate between the acceptable and unacceptable behaviourin other word right and wrong. The ethics has multiple understanding of data.-         The primary Goal of research in ethical standard and norms are the continuationagainst falsifications and fabricating of data, therefore it is advisable topursuit the knowledge and truth in protecting the rights of the human subjectswhich follows the institutions and organisation ethical Board (internationalReview board (IRB)).

–         IRB is an international body that makes sure in assisting to respectthe norms and the standards in order to protect the human rights to access ormodify data, their responsible is to review the organizational researchmethodology, if all the ethical practices are respected and try to protectindividuals and organizations from any legal litigations.)  . . (Examplesof the issues-          Voluntary and consent humansubjects, each human has his own free understanding of the ethical standardswhich create some discrepancy and risks of the research projects. In researchthe ethical standard could protect you from anonymous and confidentiality whichcan give your research subjects more trust) –         How to safeguard the institution rights: The institutions need tofollow some ethical guide lines in their research subjects called codes ofconduct which include honesty, objectivity, respect of intellectual property,social responsibility, confidentiality and others.

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The researchers using theinstitution name need to be informed about the ethical standards to be used whenaccessing or changing data in the public or private domain to avoid any legalissues.-         How to preserve the Scientific integrity of the researchers:Theresearcher need to collaborate between themselves in respecting the ethicalstandards which boost the trust, accountability and mutual respect of theenvironment. It is very relevant in the context of data sharing, co-sharing,copyright, confidentiality and others. It is very important for the researchersto follow the ethical guide line which will promote them in the public domainby handling some relevant issues such as Human rights, animal welfare, compliancewith the law, conflict of interest, safety health issues and ETC.


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