1 symptom of early effect. The person

1 The storage and processing of pesticides should be done at properly ventilated places.

3. The pesticides should never be carried in open systems and the ventilation systems should be well maintained. 4. Provision should be made for special work clothes, towels, etc.

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, and work clothes should be cleaned regularly to reduce the possibility of the absorption of pesticides. 5. Protecting equipment and masks must be provided to each worker who is working in the factory. 6. The places where the chances of contamination of atmosphere by pesticides are maximum, should be far from the main working place of the factory and should be designed in such a way that a worker takes minimum time to complete his job. 7. So far as the degree of pollution in different sections of the factory is concerned, an assessment of the working environment should be conducted periodically and the results should be compared with the threshold limit values. Remedies for increase in pollution levels should be determined.

8. A periodical medical examination of each worker should be conducted for medical fitness. The medical test should also be conducted to detect individual susceptibility for any early sign and symptom of early effect. The person who is susceptible to poisoning of pesticides should never be given work involving contact with pesti­cides.

9. Eating, drinking and smoking should be strictly forbidden in the vicinity of the storage place of the pesticides. 10. Storage rooms should be well lighted.


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