1. advocate has been put into place


       In regards to the case of Nusrat Patelwho was a 19 year old female who is suffering from learning disabilities andepilepsy. As she suffers from epilepsy and learning difficulties she finds ithard to care for and look after herself and her own needs. Due to her issuesNusrat may develop a low self-esteem and confidence resulting in her becomingdepressed. Nusrat may also form depression if she is being discriminatedagainst for her condition that she has no control over, so it is important andemphasised that her carers and providers should be compassionate, empoweringand do not show any signs of discrimination towards Nusrat in anyway (notallowing her to take part in particular activities due to her disability) in orderto promote her independence and allow her to rebuild her confidence. Due toNusrat being incapable of looking after herself, her mother decided to give upher job to become her full time career. However this means her mother isn’treceiving a monthly or weekly income due to her not working which will resultin finance becoming an issue for them and finding it difficult to afford andprovide the necessities for Nusrat and herself. This may result in Nusrat notreceiving the nutrition needed.

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A solution to deal with this situation would beto supply Nusrat with a different full time carer so her mother can go back tofull time employment without having to worry about Nusrat. This will be a morepreferred option as Nusrat will be receiving the care needed whilst her mothercan bring home an income in order to allow them both to live a full efficientlife.  Compassion and caring behaviour isshown from the community environment in which Nusrat lives as they understandand allow her to have a say in the decisions that are made about her care. Thisact of understanding allows Nusrat to feel independent and as if her carers arelistening to her needs and wants. Nusrat will be able to live a moreindependent life knowing that the care provided for her is based upon herwishes as it shows that she can take responsibility of her own life in givensituations. In association with Nusrat a professional advocate has been putinto place to ensure that her needs, wants and wishes are being fully met andunderstood with compassion, competency and commitment. An advocate is assignedin order to achieve Nusrats desired outcomes by properly communicating to theteam in order to work out what is the right conclusion for Nusrat.

However, itis highly beneficial that Nusrats mother is not her advocate as she may be tooprotective over Nusrat and she may influence Nusrats wants and needs with herown ideas and therefore have her thoughts expressed instead of Nusrats. Due toNusrats complications with men and her low sense of trust in them, her advocatemay need to be a women as she needs to be able to trust her advocate with theinformation she provides them, as well as look to them for support andguidance. It will also be the best option for the advocate to be female asNusrat attaches herself to friendly people easily, therefore is Nusratsadvocate was male, Nusrats feelings may develop into something more thanfriendly, which would not be healthy for a working relationship, unless, if apart of Nusrats care plan includes rebuilding her trust in men, a male advocatemay be assigned. Nusrat will need to feel comfortable and confident around heradvocate as they will be developing a close relationship. It will also be veryuseful if Nusrats advocate was able to speak, read and understand Makaton dueto Nusrats learning difficulties and her lack of ability to communicate, aswell as to ensure that al, of her needs are properly communicated to the restof the team. This skill will allow Nusrat to be able to communicate comfortablywith her advocate and rely on her advocate to translate communication toothers. Nusrats needs are also being met as she has been given a referral to anepilepsy specialist, this is beneficial to Nusrats health and wellbeing and mayresult in an improvement in her epilepsy.

The specialists could provide Nusratwith prescribed medication to help calm her epilepsy. If her epilepsy is tamedsome forms of stress may be relieved of Nusrat and she may feel more confidentwhen going out into her social environment. However if she was not providedwith an epilepsy specialist, she could in fact develop a more severe case ofepilepsy and even become associated with the development of certain mentalhealth issue. This may in turn affect her confidence levels even more, causeher self-esteem to lower and she may even develop suicidal tendencies as shewill become more vulnerable and feel even less independent as a result of allthe issues she is suffering from.


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