1. kids, I would say the benefits

1.     Communicationskill:AsI’m the marketing digital media person, communication skill is very important traitfor me. Communication abilities are a basic attribute for an advertising talent.In creating and exhibiting your advertising designs, you will speak with thesenior administration group, back chief and deals director. To get item datafor showcasing programs, you must speak with item directors and specializedstaff. Benefit:Communication skill is beneficial for the marketing person and its give confidenceto your speech. So, you can easily impress the client and customer with yourcommunication confidence.

2.     Creativity:Aswe all know that people don’t like same things usually, they need some thingdifferent, something beneficial in the things. I have some creatives ideas that’show to talk about the things with benefits and features.

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If client knowsomething new in new manner, then definitely they excite to know more about theproduct. Benefit:I have great imaginative procedure, so I can be able to provide quality and adequacyinformation to client.3.     Knowthe audience:Goodmarketer always knows their audience and he or she knows how to give themessage of product benefits.Benefit: For example, I have an apple juice inthe product, and my target audience is whole grocery store, but the pitch lineis different for all.

Like I pitch 60-year-old lady with health and staminabenefits, for the student, I would say control mental stress and give energyfor study, and for the mother of two kids, I would say the benefits of juicefor the kids. So, cover all the market with different segment people withdifferent benefits.  4.

     Technology:Moreover,today’s world is based on the technology. Most of the person think and eat thetechnology whole day. If you are known about the technical platform then it isthe benefit for you and the person also who want to know more about the productin technical terms. Benefits:In today’s worlds, the person wants to buy new technology each day, so we alsohave to update with the current technology, platform and benefits of technologyin the regular lifestyle.5.     Passion:Asa marketing person, it’s a very important to have the passion for ourorganization product. If we don’t respect our organization product then how weexpect that other people respect it.

So first we have to use our product andfeel the benefits and then pitch to the customers with samples if we have. Benefit:we can share our experience of passion with others and it’s too great to sharean experience.


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