1. the game by studying which moves made


Introduction to Machine Learning 1.1 General Introduction                                                                     Machine Learning is a sub-set of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning is the field of computer science that has ability to learn by itself without being programmed clearly or in detailed way. Machine learning is also a field that is growing significantly now days.

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In past computer algorithms used to be explicitly programmed which was used aby the computer to solve or calculate the given problem. But now days machine learning algorithms instead allows computer to train on data to improve its preference or solution for the given task.In 1950 a man named Alan turning created the “Turing test”. Which was able to determine if computer has a real intelligence.

In 1952 for the very first time computer learning program was written by Arthur Samuel and the name of the program was the game of checkers. In this program the more user used to play the game computer used to improve at the game by studying which moves made up winning strategies and incorporating those moves into its program.1.2 Current scenariooverview. Machine learning is becoming a dominant field of a computer science so, machine learning is the future of computer science which must be learned by today’s generation people in order to bring dramatic revolution in field of computer science. As this is the age of big data machine learning is being used in various field of science, from astronomy to biology as well as in everyday life of people, as we use digital devices more data is continuously being generated and collected as well.

Those data may not be of any use to many people but, some smart people finds a new ways to use that data and turns it into a useful product or service. In this transformation machine learning plays a huge role. 


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