1. very young age. Similarly if trust is

1.      Inthe beginning of the course, before even defining what a leadership is theydiscussed about relationship. Many examples are discussed on what are thefactors that play in making or breaking relations.  It is because leadership is later defined asa relationship.

Stronger relations aremade when there is trust. Trust is the underlying bond that is present inestablishing strong relationship. If a small child is thrown up in air hehappily laughs while coming down in his mother’s arm.

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He is not afraid that hewill fall down that is the trust in his mother by a child even at a very youngage. Similarly if trust is there between a leader and follower, the follower isnot afraid to do things above and beyond his capability to work for the leaderand in turn for the Organization.Inthe Vertical Dyad Linkage Model, In-group and out-group relationship wereidentified where in-group is referred to as having high degree of mutual trust,respect ad obligation and followers are considered as “trusted assistants”.

 (Dr.Oberman)Theconceptualization of leadership as a relationship is addressed in Leader-MemberExchange (LMX) theory. Trust in leadership is the meta-analytic findings byDirks and Ferrin where they provided a framework for trust in leadership andthey developed several hypotheses on how trust in leadership will be relatedlike below: (Kurt T. Dirks)Hypothesis 1a Trust inleadership will be positively related to job performance, OCBs, jobsatisfaction, organizational commitment, goal commitment and belief ininformation Hypothesis 2: Trust inleadership will be positively related to transformational leadership.Hypothesis 3: Trust inleadership will be positively related to satisfaction.

            I strongly agree with the hypothesis mentioned above ifwe do not trust our leader even though our Organization is very good employeeswill not have satisfaction working under a leader who is not trust worthy. Ifwe can’t trust our leader we cannot work with confidence that he will be therefor us in need. Trust is not build overnight. Trust isdeveloped with time and with mutual relationship with followers over time.Leader’s actions speak stronger than his words. Leader should build trust withhis employees and the followers should build the confidence and trust withtheir leader by working for a common goal. Leader should prove himself byworking hard and taking all the measures to make sure the followers get themessage clearly by communicating openly and frequently. Leader should createthe bond with the followers where the follower can talk to him and update thestatus honestly.

Both leaders and followers should be careful not to lose theirtrust because once trust is lost the loss is severe.Weoften see that many political leaders do many campaign promises in order togain the votes and once in office they will not keep their promises. If aleader can keep his promises then he will gain the trust of the people. Thatwill build the confidence in leader and leader should work hard and prove hishonesty integrity and then the followers will go above and beyond to supportthe leader in his policies.If a leader isethical then followers will trust him. If a leader is self-benefitting thenfollowers will not trust a self-benefitting leader.

As seen in the movie pathsof glory, the soldiers saw that Colonal Dax as a self-sacrificing leader andthey trusted him. The same is in the Dead Poets Society movie where thestudents trusted the teaching pattern of Mr. Keating and they were not afraidto follow his path to challenge the status quo.


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