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The numbers of individuals that are using the Internet
are constantly increasing. In 2002, only 10,58% of the world population had
access to the Internet and, in 2016, this indicator reached the value of 45,91%
(World Bank 2017, https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IT.NET.USER.ZS, accessed in December, 02, 2017). With the
development of the Internet, the society changed, including the way people shop.
Current e-commerce statistics show that 40% of the worldwide internet users
have bought products online using various devices (Statista 2017, https://www.statista.com/markets/413/e-commerce/, accessed in December, 02, 2017). This corresponds to
more than 1 billion online buyers and it is expected to keep growing. Focusing
in the B2C market, e-commerce sales have reached an amount of more than 1,2
trillion US dollars in 2013.

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This information is highly important to encourage
firms to invest in e-commerce solutions and improve the consumers’ online
shopping experiences. The possibility of marketers to track the behavior of
consumers is crucial, so they can measure the reasons behind the success and failures
of the e-commerce websites. Knowing exactly to where the website users are
looking at and the spots where they spend more time paying attention has a huge
value for companies. Eye-tracking equipment allows doing this and, therefore,
it is an excellent tool to improve a website.

The idea of this project is to perform an eye-tracking
study on the Sportzone website and with the data extracted from the
eye-tracking equipment, analyze and study the information in order to improve the

The main aim of this study can be defined as the
optimization of the Sportzone website. Regarding the research questions, they

the movement of the computer mouse different from the movement of the eye?

this behaviour varies between generations?


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