1. are a key role in a team’s

1. Name of Occupation:
Sports Marketer


2. Highlights: (Top two
things you’ll do in this occupation)

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    1. In this occupation, you must be able to
find ways to attract people to the sporting events that are being held. This
includes holding giveaways and offers which result in more people attending the
sports events.  This vital because that
is the main point of a sports marketer, to attract more customers if they can’t
do that there is no point in the job.


    2. The second thing you will have to do in
this job is to promote sponsors’ products at games. This is very important as
sponsors are a key role in a team’s marketing scheme. They need to promote the
sponsors’ products in the correct way that will be beneficial to both the team
and the sponsor.  This gives brand
exposure for the sponsor and a new fan base for the team.


3. Nature of the Work:
(Brief job description of this occupation)

  The job of a sports marketer is to get as
much exposure for a team, player or brand using several resources such as
radio, television and the internet. They are the main people who are
responsible for attracting audiences to matches. However, their job does not
stop there as it is also their duty to keep fans entertained and happy, using
methods such as giveaways and promotions. Also working with product sponsors
such as an athletic brand gives exposure to both the team and the brand.


4. Working Conditions:
(Where do people work in this occupation? Are there physical demands for this

In the occupation of a
sports marketer, they are mainly in office environments. This is because the
job requires a lot of organization, planning, and timing, which entails an
office workspace. A job of a sports marketer does not require a lot of physical
activity, although there can be visits to clients. The job can be very
stressful as there is a ton of pressure to bring in new customers and dealing
with the team’s financial future. There are a lot of deadlines that the
marketers have to reach which results in about 9 to 11hours a day of work.
Translating into about 55 hours a week the work of sports marketers can also
call for evening and weekend work periods.


5. Training &
Education Requirements: (Do you need a license? College Degree? Advanced
Education – describe the qualifications you’ll need for this occupation).

Becoming a sports
marketer can be done in a few different ways. Firstly you could get a degree or
diploma in the field, such as in sports management or sports administration.
There are many courses in marketing programs such as economics and

A bachelor’s degree in
these programs takes about three or four years to earn, whereas diploma
programs take about two or three years to complete. There are also co-op
programs available in the programs themselves; this allows students to gain
real-life experience in the potential field they may go into. Sports’ marketing
is a very competitive field, thesis where real-life experience and experience
in sales, marketing, and public speaking will put you over the rest of the
competition.  Knowledge about computer
analysis on databases is also recommended because it will help you analyze
market data and find target markets.  You
also need to be a hard worker because you need to be dedicated and willing to
put hours and hour into the job to innovate new ideas to attract new customers.
An example path towards becoming a sports marketer will require you to finish
high school, where you might work as an intern to a larger administration.


6. Job Outlook: (What
will be the demand for this occupation in the next 5 years?)


According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the projected growth for this specific career path is 9
percent from 2016-2026. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7


7. Earning Potential:
(How much can you expect to be paid in this occupation? Explain)


In the career of a
sports marketer, you can either work on a full-time basis and earn a salary or
work on a contract basis. The earning potential can vary as the salary range
for a sports marketer ranges from $35000 to $80000 a year. This career is also
very dependent on the performance of the marketer. If they are able to sell more
and get more clients, they earn more. They often receive bonuses based on their
performance. Also you will receive benefits such as dental coverage and sick
days. Starting level positions pay about $25000 to $40000 a year, however, more
experienced marketers make more in the range of $50000 to $100000 a year. There
are also some senior sports marketers such as consultants and presidents of
firms that make more than that. Some sports marketers may also receive a share
of the company’s profits as well; this is mainly present in a senior level
marketer’s career.


8. Related Occupations:
(Describe two other occupations that are similar to this one that you could
also pursue.)


The first occupation I
found that was similar to the one I chose was the job as an “Event
Planner”.   This job is similar to the
sports marketer because it requires the person to plan and coordinate the
event. Also attracting a large crowd to come to the event is a part of their
job description which is also alike as a sports marketer. The second occupation
I found was a job as an “Advertiser”. This job requires the person to advertise
the event or thing they are trying to promote to attract new customers. This is
just like what the sports marketer does, as their main job focus is to attract
new customers.



Part 2 Instructions (10
pts):  Using Career Cruising, click on
the Education Link for a list of Related College Programs and select one in the
Occupation you researched or Sports Marketing. 
Find at least 2 schools and give a description of the program.  Be sure to include the contact information
for the school.


Related College
Programs Selected: Marketing, Advertising

Description of
Program(types of classes, requirements, skills needed, length of study):


Name of School:
University of Toronto- St. George (Downtown)

School Location: 1265
Military Trail Scarborough, ONM1C 1A4

Description:  This program provides students with the
education of marketing and management, also providing co-op to give students
real-life experience. In this program you will study business practices and
current issues, determining the future of companies. This program takes four
years to complete at about $7000 per year. There is requirement s of Calculus
and Advance functions which require a grade of at least 70 percent but for
consideration at least 90 percent. Other requirements include university-level
English and three additional university-level courses. The skills required are
good communication and good persistence.


Name of School: York

School Location: 4700
Keele Street Toronto Ontario M3J 1P3

Description: This
program provides students with the education in management and business. The
classes that are typically required for this program include economics,
financial accounting.  These courses are
mainly math based. There is requirement s of Calculus and Advance functions
which require a grade of at least 70 percent but for consideration at least 90
percent. Other requirements include university-level English and three
additional university-level courses. There cannot be more than two mixed courses.
The skills required for this program include good communication and management
skills. The length of the course is four years and it cost about 10k per year. 


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