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0 INTRODUCTIONI choose the article is the title “FactorsInfluencing SMEs Adoption of Social Media Marketing                                        ” by the author’s Mohd Irwan Dahnil, Kamarul MizalMarzuki, Juliana Langgat, Noor Fzlinda Fabeil. The reasons I chose thisarticle because, currently I running on the company in the SME stage. So I wantto have the idea of the marketing technique for the SME Company.   The definition of SME is the company thathave Sales turnover from RM300, 000 to less than RM3 million OR full-timeemployees from 5 to less than 30 (SME, 2013). In this article, the purpose ofthe paper is to review on factors that drive social media marketing adoption inSMEs and organization. The study facilitate others to have the guideline of thecurrent state of global social media marketing adoption research.  2.

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0 SUMMARY In this article, it explain that Smallmedium enterprises (SMEs) is one of the main contributors to economic,development and employment growth. We know that, in this era globalization theSME having limitation and there are barriers in adopting a new technologyalthough the revolution of internet and communication channel has changed theway people conduct business today. What can we see, nowadays social media has becomea new marketing communication. It became, one of the important marketing toolsthat all the business player have to take into consideration. From the authorview, it is noticed that the trend of utilizing social media offers a researchopportunity. Thus, it is essential to understand the factors that contributethe adoption of social media marketing among SMEs in conducting marketingactivities within business enterprises. 3.0 ASSESSMENT OF THE ARTICLE3.

1Social media marketing: a subset of –marketingIn this article, the author addressone of the element are “Social mediamarketing: a subset of –marketing”. They stated that, Social mediamarketing makes use of these social media applications as an extension tofulfil the traditional marketing. In this article, there are thefunctions of social media marketing: – 1.

     .Marketingexercises by means of online applications that permit the generation of dataand being collaborate among clients2.     leverageportable and web-based advances to make intelligently medium where clients andbunches part sharing, co-creating, talking about, and adjusting known asuser-generated content3.     tofigure the future obtaining behavior of their clients more accurately4.     enhancesbrand post popularity 5.     Createawareness, increment deals and construct loyaltyInmy opinion, I totally do agree with the author. With that increasing usagenumber of the social media it show that it one of the way that we can grab theopportunity to capture the market.

By having the social media marketing and internetmarketing will change the way of the business activities. With all thefunctions of the social media marketing that listed by the authors it help thereader to have the guideline and awareness to adopt the social media marketing. 3.2 SMES and Technology AdoptionBarriersInMalaysia, there are problems faced by SMEs in order to adopting the technology.

They find out there are barriers for SMEs to implementing the technology.  1.         The need of deals and promoting to theutilize out-of-date innovation in SME operations. 2. SMEs has uniqueness with restricted assets, capital, human andtechnology. 3.         Expensive activity, chance, complexmethod, specialized ostracize, and client services. Inmy point of view, the important factor is the awareness of adopting thetechnology and how do they make the technology became useful to their company.

Yes I do agree with the author regarding the barriers, but if the SMEs playeraware the important of the technology they will overcome the barriers and turnit to the advantages. It all depends on the human behavior to looks up into theissues and matters. It all about the willingness for them to do it and adoptit.  1.3  SocialMedia Marketing Adoption Factors Inthis article, Author has examined a group of studies that represent differentkinds of internal and external factors that related to technology adoption.  GROUP FACTOR End Users The most influencing factors to the technology adoption process among SMEs In this article mentioned that training system in SMEs will allow the transfer of knowledge required to make use of the new tools at the same time modify the workers’ attitude towards technological change. In my opinion, in the reality, the workers or employees that used and work with the technology are the main factor.

So the ends user are the people that make the technology works. Organizational Top management influence the adoption of the technology  It show that, the resource availability ensures that adequate money, time and human talent are available for the initiation and completion of new e-commerce projects In my point of view, the TOP MANAGEMENT, should support the adoption of the technology by providing the fund. Technological cost as the factor influencing adoption It explain that, To identify sales derived from the technology is difficult when it comes to return of investment and cost involved.

In my opinion, in order to implementing the technology, the cost is the main consideration either it become into the good return or as a waste. Management  level of commitment and participation is one the factor adopting technology it shows that, the Small businesses that adopt IT more likely to have CEOs who possess positive attitude, innovative and knowledgeable towards adoption of technology in my opinion , the top level have to show the high level of commitment and it will influence people in the organization to participate Business Environment SMEs perceived technology as a tool to stay in competition. It shows that,  technology keep changing When the competitors start to use technology to stay ahead, SMEs tend to jump into the wagon and start to embrace the new technology From my point of view, SMEs have to keep themselves up to date in order to keep competitive in the market.                  4.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion, I agreed with theauthor, as a people in the SME industry will face the same problem as addressby the author. For me the meaningful statement that stated in the article thataffect my though is “the individual’s willingness to adopt”. We can’t changepeople if they doesn’t have the willingness to change.

So, in order for SME tobe competitive, they should taking the social marketing into the markingtechnique. They should follow the globalization and changes in the marketpattern behavior for the consumer perspective in order to stainable in themarket. 


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