· tags). When clear owner identification is not

“Theft of vehicles” where the vehicle is
driven away illegally, whether or not it is recovered.

“Attempted thefts of and from vehicles”,
which does not differentiate between attempted theft of and attempted theft
from vehicle as it is often difficult to ascertain the offender’s intention.3

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Under normal
circumstances theft is prevented simply through the application and social
acceptance of property law. Best anti-theft device ownership is often indicated
by means of visual marking (license plates, name tags). When clear owner
identification is not possible and when there is a lack of social observance,
people may be inclined to take possession of items to their own benefit at the
expense of the original owner. Motive and opportunity are two enabling factors for
theft. Given that motives for theft are varied and complex and are generally
speaking not within the control of the victim, most methods of theft prevention
relay on reducing opportunities for theft.4

As the increasing of
vehicle thefts and related crimes; we can identify approximately 22 categories
of vehicle security systems as solutions including,

Car alarm

Automatic vehicle location

Smart Key

Personal Car Communicator

Power Door Lock

Steering-wheel locks… etc.5

From all those security
systems the choice for a particular anti-theft system is dependent on;

Financial Cost

Threshold for theft

Ease of use4

Because of all these
facts developing and bench mark a new security system is difficult. Our major
concern is to prevent the theft before the action. The main step is in this
system is authorized the person using a Bluetooth connection. There are many
authentication ways and means can be seen in many current vehicle security
systems. Among them finger prints scanning is the widely using technic all over
the world. Even though it’s successful in many cases the overall cost is quite
high. Because of that particular reason cost factor is taken to our concern in
this project. To avoid the rejection because of the cost factor; for the
authentication purpose we introduce Bluetooth technology to our system.   

And our major concern
is to prevent the theft before the action. Using Bluetooth technology for
authorization and cutting down the battery current from the beginning avoid the
‘theft of vehicle’ situation. Also avoid ‘theft from vehicle’ situation there’s
a system using camera and a GSM module to send a SMS. System works
automatically and because of that the system is easy to use.



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